The Mouth of a Cave, 1784, Hubert Robert

Përshëndetje familja! Welcome to my little post-it note on the inter-web. I’m currently walking from England to India so if I’m slow in replying to your messages that’s my excuse — even though I’m always slow in replying regardless of what I’m doing, anyway…

The summer is already hot and humid here in the Balkans but the walk continues. So far this year has taken me from the far north of Shqipri (Albania), into and across Kosovo (and up it’s tallest peak, Gjeravica), into North Macedonia through the Sharr Mountains, and up and over Mount Korab, the tallest mountain in both NM and AL. Come take a look at my progress, or lack thereof.

Updates from the road are mostly going on in a WhatsApp group, if I forgot to add you then flick me a message. If you don’t have WhatsApp then I will slowly be adding those updates to this site too but I’m already a couple of months behind on that so don’t hold your breath! :D

If for some reason you want to read some of my other drivel then here’s a couple that might help you decide if the things I think about are of any interest to you. The longer list below is not curated, consider yourselves warned ;)

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Out beyond the edge of the map

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