Updated screenshot of a map showing my journey towards India

The walk began on June 9th, the day I turned 27. You can check in on my progress across the map, or read some scraps below. More to come, but don’t hold your breath as most of the updates are going out in a WhatsApp group for the time being :) If you’re not in the group and would like to be then flick me an email.

If you’re in the group and following along, I have marked the messages that were sent to the group with an envelope/✉ so that you know what you’ve already seen. Anything without a ✉ was never sent to the group and exists only on here.

As of Saturday, September 16th I am 100 days into the walk, having walked 3053 kilometres, in 4,409,355 steps, across 10 countries.

Sunshine, windburn, summat to do with summits

The first hundred days

Picturing people on the walk

Hurdling over the Dolomites

Between the mountains and the First Two Pages of Frankenstein

From Triglav

What's not to like?

Finding joy

At play with photography in Innsbruck

Why the walk?

✉ More photographs than footsteps or words

✉ Thinking about the shape of the walk

✉ I hope the cows don't mind

✉ Joining the North Downs Way

✉ A walking day

✉ The last of the familiar faces

✉ Catch up with mum

✉ Sensible shoes

✉ A trip down memory lane

✉ A warm welcome to the walk

Before the walk