This is a tiny digital place in a really large (hyper)space. It is an experiment in lensing a single persons view on the infinite canvas of the information super highway. You don’t have to pay any attention if it doesn’t represent your reality, if you don’t like it you should ignore it. Like everything else, everything you see here is made up, this is a made up collection of made up things that have interested, endeared, appalled, and entertained the made up author of this tapestry.

I mean sure, I exist, and I have a name, and that name is printed atop every page of this made up digital place, and the things I write are real and true to me, and people insist that I’m ‘real’, but even the word ‘real’ was made up by someone. So, knowing as we now both do that all in this life is made up, we can try not to take it all too seriously, we’ll all die (for real!) so we might as well enjoy our jaunt through this made up life.

Every piece of prose, pretty pixel, and pretentious person on this site is a work in progress, now and forever. The design, the content, the author – all are imperfect and incomplete artefacts. If at any time anything on this site appears to you to be complete, please write to me immediately so I can remedy my own oversight.

To see where I am and what I’m up to right now, visit my now page; for another window into my thoughts, take a look at the questions that are on my mind at the moment; to peek behind the curtain at the gradual evolution of this site see the Changelog, the growing design document, or the build system that produces it; to understand its structure a little better have a read of the users guide.