My future children and me.

In almost all that I do in my life I am thinking of my future children. My ambition in this life is to be of the greatest possible service to my children, to listen and support their understanding of the world, not to condition them with my understanding of it. I wont have children until I trust that I can make my wishes truly subordinate to theirs.

I believe that unhappy people, children included, are those who have been separated from their understanding of the world and for many I believe this happens early. A child is able to meet the world intuitively and develop their understanding of the world in relationship with it. But when a child is pulled off the path of their own understanding and pressured into meeting the world in a way that is deeply foreign to them, then only misery can result.

I believe that it is my children who are best equipped to tell me how they can be best nourished, to show me where their interests are, not the other way round.

I mean to be worthy of my children.