Back to the wild, nodes, Dorian Taylor

Getting in the Ute again felt like an assault, radio blaring. Been two weeks since I’ve been wilding. Does feel glorious to be back in the forest though.

The skylight went in over the weekend, along with some more batting and panelling. Isobel offered up the spare room this week so I can crack on with the fit out without having to make it sleepable for Mizuki and I every night. Kinda hoping for some shorter days at work.

In thinking more about data structures for my notes, I’m leaning more and more toward making UUIDs the first class identification citizen. I see more and more possibilities emerging from that including: heredity/descendants (chains of nodes to show the evolution of a thought); backlinks (implemented); and others.

Fragments as nodes in a network. That’s what I’m thrusting at. These are fragments separated, but increasingly joined (linked) to the rest of themselves by being situated in an ever growing graph of ideas.

Reading A Very Special Episode of Dorian Taylor’s newsletter reminded me of the wonderful term ‘sportsball’, used in place of sport-de-jour for those of us who don’t give a shit about sports. Beyond that, I want to revisit that particular newsletter, it’s a great entry point into his body of work. I didn’t realise how prolific he has been on subjects that are of such particular interest to me.

Very satisfied to have figured out backlinks in my notes/publishing pipeline last night. Next I want to add extract text to each post, preferring any instance of an explicit extract but falling back to the first N chars of the content.

Got a couple of the difficult, no-right-angle-anywhere-in-this-darned-shed, wall panels cut and fitted after work tonight.

Spent a long while poring over maps of Kahuranghi, the Nelson Lakes, the Richmonds, trying to find the ideal adventure for a four day weekend. None seem quite right, most are a bit too short for four days, a couple are frustratingly just too long to do with travel. Have circled back to the OG plan of hitting the Alpine route through the Richmonds, it’ll be tight though. I’m pretty sure Mizuki can do it, we’ll have to pare back on the luxuries though, and I’m taking the bulk of the weight, no questions.