Six of seven

Day six in a seven part series that has stretched to 20 days already, see parts #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5.

I wanted to draw something that reflected my mood following the events of last night but when I turned to a new page I found I was too exhausted to bother. I found energy enough to draw something in this series though.

Attempt #6

Pen wasn’t the right tool for what I wanted to do here. It would have been good to start in pencil so I could erase the parts that didn’t work, instead I was forced to integrate every misstep, which made me less ambitious.

Specifically, I wanted to create more complex layering, limbs weaving higher and lower in the z-plane. I managed this to some degree but could only keep a couple of moving parts in my head at one time, so the result feels incomplete.