An evening of shovelling, shelving, and kimchi

Isobel had mentioned that the lean-to shed half way up the garden was a source of frustration, not very useful on account of the steep slope and a lack of any meaningful storage system. A good evening project.

After work I picked out a few good lengths of scrap timber from the wood pile and with a fistful of long hex-screws and a handsaw, knocked up a few shelves along the two main walls (the back wall also being the fence).

I took the opportunity to level the sloping ground so that walking inside no longer required holding onto the ceiling for balance, which also opened up a whole space beneath one of the shelves – storage galore! The excavation yielded a substantial pile of large rocks which I can use when I get on to reclaiming a bit of land over by the ‘compost yard’.

It’d been a while since I last made kimchi so I set some cabbage to wilt in salt while I worked in the garden and once the shelves were up I finished the mix off with heaps of gochu chillies, garlic, ginger, spring onion, carrot, daikon. I used a flour-based sauce for this batch because I didn’t have any apples on hand for an apple-sauce mixture. We’ll see how it compares.

Three jars of my kimchi on the kitchen table
Three jars of my kimchi on the kitchen table