Say hello?

Still life with a skull and a writing quill, Pieter Claesz

I really like getting email – when it comes from humans anyway – so don’t hesitate to reach out ☞ I’m perfectly happy yelling in to the void but I’d be happier still to hear what you think of it.

I check my emails approximately twice a week and try to respond within two days of reading, if I haven’t replied within a week feel free to email again as I never deliberately fail to reply.

I’m a big fan of this web lark, so feel free to link to anything of yours that you’re proud of, or anything at all really. I’d love for any email to include at least one of the following (but I won’t hold you to it):

PGP If you're cryptographically curious or just plain paranoid feel free to PGP encrypt your message, you can find my public key here, if you want me to reply in kind then please attach your own public key or otherwise link to it in your message.