Away for Easter, away for work

Back in the familiar fog that accompanies every drive west.

I want to be instinctively kind. My instincts are greedy, I can be better though. Left a couple large feijoas on the wing mirror of Tersha and Mike’s car after we emerged from the Richmond’s, knowing how nice it is to have some fresh fruit at the end of a tramp. I suppose that’s something close to a selfless act, given that I may never see them again.

What a perfect Easter weekend Mizuki and I had, couldn’t have conceived of a better autumn adventure into the Richmonds. On the drive to Westport for another away with work, Dean flicked on the radio and the announcer told us that at least four people died in New Zealand’s roads over the four day break. What an awful Easter for their families and friends. Such a brutal contrast.

There’s a kid riding around on a tricycle sucking on a popsicle. Remember when a popsicle and a tricycle was all you could ever want?