Linking forwards

It’s common on the web to link back to something you’ve written previously, or link out to something someone else has written previously, but I think that only takes us half way. There’s a wealth of connections to be made by immersing yourself in earlier writing and looking instead for links forward, dive back and see the threads that have continued to spool out to the present, look for the through line, and hyperlink it, scrawl in the margins both for yourself and for future readers that this here meant something because “look, I kept writing about this”.

Good writing is re-writing, and good reading is re-reading, and good re-reading begets good re-writing.

Read it again, write it again, and link forwards through time not just back in to it.

Writing this helped give shape to an idea for a more bidirectional reflection of time on this site. See SEP 47: Separate present from memory to read the proposal.