✉ Joining the North Downs Way

A church peeking out over an brick alleyway

Day 6, Wednesday

18:21 Today has had me on a course toward Farnham — where I’m currently sat in the library jabbing out this message, they’re closing now :(

Getting here involved a bit more road walking than I usually like but Farnham itself is lovely and they’re have been some beautiful old villages along the way. When off-road it has all been very pastoral, birds chirping, rolling hills, vibrant green crops, loads of bloody stinging nettles etc etc.

Leaving here I’ll be picking up The North Downs Way which runs for 153 miles between Farnham and Dover. I’ve softened a little in my urgency to escape this island in the last few days so I don’t mind adding a few more days/10s of miles. At this rate it’ll be another week before I’m in Dover but by then I should have my legs under me again. Toddling on now, thank you for your lovely messages, ciao x

22:27 Got up to 42.5km/26.4miles, calling it there. The start of the North Downs Way has been good. Much like the canal there’s very little in the way of navigational distractions as the route is (mostly) obvious. Lovely evening in the forest :)

An uninteresting photo to all but a very few: red bus, red car, red letterbox

A lousy photo, but tragically exciting, for… reasons. Farnham teased me with three quarters of a photo I’ve been trying to get (lord knows why): red letter box, red double decker bus, red cars; all that was missing was a red telephone booth, but nowhere on the high street had a booth and a box in view of one another. Time and my mostly rural route may not offer up any more opportunities so I’m passing the torch to you lot 😉

The path cutting its way across a field