✉ Catch up with mum

Day three (Sunday) didn’t really start til about midday on account of the rain, which was wetter than forecast. It doesn’t take much of the wet stuff to convince me to stay in the tent all morning, but there was much. I did squeeze in a wee 21km between the rain stopping and mum coming to meet me in the afternoon, but a full day of walking wasn’t to be. Lots of narrow boats, herons, a falcon, 2 pike, a stoat, and the first otter sighting of the trip. Also saw many of the fortifications set up along the canal in a hurry when it was feared that the Germans would invade during WW2, derelict and eery.

The plan had been to just hang out with mum for the evening, find a spot where we could both camp up, and say goodbye in the morning. But somewhere in the evening I came up with a plan to go see Grandma the tomorrow instead and have more time with ma afterwards too. Mum is already headed there and is onboard to drop me back on Monday evening exactly where I left the canal to meet her. Tonight we’re sleeping in Savernak forest.