✉ I hope the cows don't mind

Another late start, late finish. 42.67km/26.4miles/60,240 steps.

Good walking along the chalk white paths of the Downs Way.

Spending the night in a paddock with 30 Hereford cows, we’re getting on just fine. Alas, I did manage to knock my pack over into a pile of fresh cow pat, probably some wisdom in there to do with not spending the night in a paddock with 300 Hereford cows… But I’m much too tired to find a different pitch now, so it’s goodnight from me and the 3000 Hereford cows. 😘

No photos this evening, reception too poor for even one photo of fields, moi, or these 30,000 cows 🐄🐄🐄

Well, with the magic of editing I have of course overcome such limitations and include some photos now.

And, getting a head start on tomorrow…

30 great big alarm clocks came to get me going this morning 😊