Site Enhancement Proposals

Here are some of the features I am either considering for the further improvement of this site, or that I have already decided I want to implement but haven’t gotten around to yet.

As a reference aid these are referred to as SEPs, in the form ‘SEP x’ where ‘x’ is the number of the proposal. This format is inspired by the Python Enhancement Proposals.

SEP 60: A stricter metadata vocabulary

SEP 59: Manifest test

SEP 58: Define asset transformations within manifest

SEP 57: Reference/include any file from/in documents

SEP 56: Add datetime to metadata fields

SEP 55: Syntax for tasks and spaced repitition cards

SEP 54: Sidenotes

SEP 53: Metadata switch uid to key

SEP 52: Convert all datetime objects to be timezone aware

SEP 51: Conflict free editing

SEP 50: A personal taxonomical structure

SEP 49: Handler for asset referencing

SEP 48: Remove assets from notes directory

SEP 47: Separate present from memory

SEP 46: Per document changelogs

✅ SEP 45: Transclusion of documents

SEP 44: Short Reference Syntax

SEP 43: Distinguish types, classes, tags in collections

SEP 42: Expose Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)

✅ SEP 41: New metadata element: class

SEP 40: Graphs and maps: contextualising with visualisations

SEP 39: Metadata: Enhanced location

✅ SEP 38: Document Type: References

✅ SEP 37: Convention for use of singular v. plural in metadata

SEP 36: Build a link archive

SEP 35: Incremental builds

SEP 34: Overhaul image pipeline

SEP 33: Substantive revision metadata

🏗 SEP 32: Remove tags from index pages

SEP 31: Add title elements to internal links

SEP 30: Adjust site style to permit offsetting

SEP 29: Include every file in the data tree

SEP 28: Check for slug collisions

SEP 27: Split stylesheet into components

🏗 SEP 26: Make page/site metadata accessible from HTML

✅ SEP 25: Fix footer to bottom of viewport

SEP 24: Case of frontmatter keys

SEP 23: Language metadata

SEP 22: Frontmatter Formatting

SEP 21: Reject relative URLS

SEP 20: Add timezone information to all document metadata timestamps

✅ SEP 19: Add a sitewide count of backlinks

SEP 18: Document Summaries

SEP 17: Document Transclusion

✅ SEP 16: Extract backlinks from plaintext

SEP 15: Switch to RSS for feeds (currently using Atom)

✅ SEP 14: UUID collision checking

SEP 13: Switch to a more reasonable source markup language

✅ SEP 12: Reference documents by their URN/UUID

SEP 11: Series metadata

SEP 10: Assumed Audiences

SEP 9: Metadata: Document alts

🏗 SEP 8: Create a shorthand for proposals

🏗 SEP 7: Consolidate collection definitions/attributes

SEP 6: Insert image dimensions into figures at build time

SEP 5: Definition of breadcrumb navigation within metadata

✅ SEP 4: Add taxonomical types alongside tags

SEP 3: Define arbitrary collections in logic

SEP 2: Create documents more directly from living data

SEP 1: URL traversal/scoping/discovery