🏗 SEP 32: Remove tags from index pages

Status: Partially Implemented

Date: 2023-04-16 
Commit: 12af74e3bc8f3ff029344ddca7681dc27be55ef0
Tags removed from index rages. 'nofeed' option still in use.

Consider removing tags from index pages. The rationale is two fold:

  1. Allow for loops through the items of a tag to bypass the index page

  2. Obviate the need for the cludgy nofeed frontmatter option that currently solves for this.

The site design already makes it implicitly true that a document without tags will not appear in any feeds (with the notable exception of the ‘everything’ tag, would need to decide what my preference would be there) so this will be a simple and natural change.

Could prove useful to also create a unique ‘index’ tag (or set, see ✅ SEP 4: Add taxonomical types alongside tags) to collect all index pages together for quick traversal and diagnostics.