SEP 11: Series metadata

It should be possible to define the relationship between a series of documents.

This is likely best done in the frontmatter so that data can be accessed both in the build and from within documents.

The order of documents within a series can be implicitly controlled using the publish date, but a mechanism for manually/explicitly ordering a series should also exist, possibly in the form:

series: design.6

What if it were desirable to have a document in multiple series’?

series: design-principles.6, site-overview.8

Likely high level implementation as follows. A document may belong to an arbitrary number of series’, though the most common scenario will be None or 1. This is specified in the frontmatter using the series key. OPTIONALLY, a position within that series can be specified. Where a collision or ambiguity in the ordering of a series arises, the build should fail loudly.

Series position syntax.

The syntax for optionally specifying the position of a given document within a series should be clear, and consistent with other frontmatter styles.

As an expansion of the available frontmatter keys, this is related to the proposal to ✅ SEP 4: Add taxonomical types alongside tags.

Example of series feature in a blog: Simon Willison