🏗 SEP 8: Create a shorthand for proposals

Status: Accepted, Partially Implemented

Date: 2023-04-07
Commit: 2e8d3642645defd8975096d8c12917b688ca2281
Settled on SEP (Site Enhancement Proposal)

See SEP 44: Short Reference Syntax for the ongoing development of a system of specific handlers for referencing.

Being able to refer to proposals by some kind of shorthand. Prior art is dominated by the Python programming languages PEPs, or Python Enhancement Proposals.

Raises the possibility of creating alternate identifiers for documents in addition to UIDs. Could support one or many additional alpha-numeric strings to identify documents. Unlike tags, alts can only refer to a single document.


uid: 31fba2f...
alt: SEP9

Note: Alts would have to be checked at build time to ensure there are no collisions.