SEP 31: Add title elements to internal links

Another proposal arising from my admiration of the Python PEP website. Internal links to other PEPs have the full title of the PEP in the title element so that a link like ‘PEP 1’, when hovered over, will show a tooltip with the full PEP title.

I want to replicate this for all internal links. This allows a user, myself included, to haver over any internal link and see if it is pointing to a document I want to read or skip.

This can be achieved for internal links referenced by either a UUID ref or an absolute path. The title element could be looked up using slug-to-title-lookup dictionary — or in the case of a UUID ref, simply by querying data[uuid]['title] — and then inserted into the emitted HTML document as a title attribute, example below.

<a href="example" title="A draft design document for this site">Draft Spec</a>

Screenshot of the behaviour exhibited at the Python PEP site.