SEP 1: URL traversal/scoping/discovery

WARNING: This proposal probably necessitates a move away from a static site architecture, and in that respect probably represents that largest outstanding proposal. Careful thought will have to be given to the implementation.

I have always wanted a traversable URL structure for this site. should list all posts from 2019. This should also support narrowing to month and days, eg.

It would be grand if it were also possible to specify ranges and/or wildcards, eg: for all posts from January through June of 2019 or** for all posts in the 2000's****/08/** for all posts from August of ANY year

2023-04-03: Thinking about this some more, all except the ranging/wildcards could be implemented in a static way, simply by creating collection pages for every leaf of the date tree.

Prior art in this space includes Dave Weiners and Sean Connor’s The Boston Diaries. I particularly like Connor’s home brew implementation.

I’ve always liked Dave Winer’s presentation of nodes on his site. Each entry is a distinct node but also appears in a timeline view. This stems in part from his use of an outliner, where his website is just one view into one part of an all encompassing outline.

I’d like for this site to exhibit a similar behaviour. This is most applicable to my nonsense, where I frequently have numerous entries per day. Entries rarely have there own title and would be well suited to also being viewable collected by day/month/year etc.


  1. Should these ‘daily pages’ include everything that I posted on a given day, or just collect up the snippets from my nonsense?

Related to SEP 3: Define arbitrary collections in logic