Good artists copy, great artists steal.

Fed into the canon of art as a quote by Picasso, though he probably never said it. I’m not even an artist – good, bad, or ugly – so it doesn’t matter to me, but I’ll try my hand at copying anyhow. Here’s a bad copy of something by Theo Eble (1899–1974).

My bad copy of half of a Theo Able piece.

Here I was mimicking one of his lithographs, though I just used a biro.

Theo Eble never ‘made it’ as an artist, never found much success. He probably isn’t even a great example of his own style. Still, I like his style, at least his abstract pieces. His still life’s don’t resonate for me, but then still life’s rarely resonate for me.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to do a few more of these in Eble’s style. Here is attempt #2