More figuring out what it all means, how it all streams.

I have my journal, and I have my nonsense. Ever since I birthed nonsense, I’ve had a much easier time getting words out, it’s been a relief to have that ‘default home’, a place for proto-thinking, unvarnished ideas. But I’ve struggled with what my ‘journal’ should be in this new context. Am I just observing that I needed to lower the bar? Did I just need permission to pollute my journal with these fitful ramblings? Why do I think they need to be separate?

Because they are different. This is really quite different from this. The former is a single line, an atomic thought, 16 words, that’s it. The second is more than 1500 words accompanied by 9 photographs. Situating those two things together would feel wrong, which is why they’re not… but my journal isn’t feeling quite right either.

Maybe I just need a set of rules. I liken my nonsense to a sort of private twitter, maybe I should have christened it with similar constraints, a character limit might clear up my confusion. Twitter isn’t the place for a 1500 word spiel, neither is nonsense. So where to draw the line? After all, this is emerging in my nonsense right now, but it’s getting a little long…

Yet it belongs here

If Nonsense is thinking-out-loud and this other part is recording my experiences then maybe my journal needs a new name. Here’s the long-list of ideas so far:

anamnesia echoes hindsight journal logbook memory memories memoirs nostalgia retrospect retrograde