A small selection of reading.

Here are some of the things I have read. The criteria for this list are simply that I found it interesting and read it from start to finish. If I didn’t find it interesting, or I didn’t read it from start it finish, it is not here. If I forgot to add it or couldn’t be bothered, it is not here.

Read Title Author/Publication Year
2022-07-27 Self-Dialogue as a Journaling Strategy Sadness / sadgrn.online 2021
2022-07-15 Comfy Software Catgirl / Gay Robot Noises 2022
2022-07-12 Handling Atom Text and Content Constructs Uche Ogbuji / XML.com 2005
2022-07-11 Escaped Markup Considered Harmful Norman Walsh / XML.com 2003
2022-07-11 When the U.S. air force discovered the flaw of averages Todd Rose / The Toronto Star 2016
2022-07-10 Be Coachable Erin Ptacek / sockpuppet 2015