July 8, 2023 6.06pm

Bienvenue mes amis! Welcome to my little post-it note on the inter-web. I’m currently walking from England to India so if I’m slow in replying to your messages that’s my excuse — even though I’m always slow in replying regardless of what I’m doing, anyway…

Last I heard I’m in France. Updates from the road are mostly going on in a WhatsApp group, if I forgot to add you then flick me a message. If you don’t have WhatsApp then I will slowly be adding those updates to this site too.

Click here to see the little that is already online.

If you’re in the group and following along, I have marked the messages that were sent to the group with an envelope/✉ so that you know what you’ve already seen. Anything without a ✉ was never sent to the group and exists only on here.