There’s something beautiful about old computer magazines/brochures. Here’s one from Texas Instruments about their groundbreaking (then… ish) Explorer Computer System.

The cover of it is a work of art and has aged far better than the Explorer System. Naturally, the article opens with a breathless word on Artificial Intelligence and how it will extend “the boundaries of knowledge”.

Texas Instruments brochure cover

Artificial intelligence promises to open new dimensions in the ways that machines serve people. The Explorer computer system from Texas Instruments will play a vital part both in extending the boundaries of knowledge and in delivering the products emerging from AI research.

Written nearly 40 years ago but it could just as easily have been written yesterday, with the frenetic announcements in the ‘AI’ space of late. I wonder from what dizzy technological heights we’ll be looking back in another 40 years.

Here’s a few pages of it. Retro, but more typographically sound and visually respectful than its contemporary equivalents.

The Explorer Computer System, Page 1/2 The Explorer Computer System, Page 3/4

Came across this gem at R. Stricklin’s spectacular Typewritten Software: retrotechnology research lab.

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