Fire of Love

Curiosity is stronger than fear
— Katia Krafft

Moving. Of the earth. Sara Dosa knits together a wealth of footage of — and mostly by — the late Katia & Maurice Krafft. A beautiful story of dedication to one another and to the volcanoes on an in which they met their purpose, and ultimately their end.

The footage and the soundtrack were exquisite, the use of animation for and static to bridge the ‘gaps in the archive’ was charming and successful, the readings from (particularly Katia’s) journals was tasteful and added emtional context where it was needed most.

Their was a sort of pure hedonism to their lifestyle which gave me a mirror via which to engage with my own feelings/doubts about my (perhaps) selfish desire to see the world in the way that I want to.

A story of two extraordinary, singularly driven people, told with an earnest reverence for their legacy. I can only say that I thoroughly recommend watching it.