Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs, Wouter Groeneveld

Reading Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs — Wouter Groeneveld

We all see the world a little differently and, in ways both large and small, who we are is reflected in everything we do. Still, much of the world — and the web in particular — can seem to have been reduced to the generic, a sea of identical templates.

I like seeing what people do with their personal sites when they reach the limits of the template, out beyond the edge of the map is where people really find their voice, where the act of expression truly meets with the medium of that expression and the two grow together.

Some people step into that liminal zone of creativity with pencils and pens, others with clay, wood, oils, watercolours, pots and pans, light and time,

Some of the links in Wouter’s roundup of cool things reach for that lofty goal, of expressing something outside the plain template of a piece of software.