See Navalny

Just watched Navalny with mum, truly riveting, and moving too. Several times I was brought to the edge of tears by the courage of Navalny, his team, and his supporters. It’s no small act to stand and challenge Putin and his Plutocratic militia. And to continue doing it after surviving an attempted assassination is almost beyond words. It puts a more vivid face to a story that I’ve read about but seen little footage of

And of course it reminded me of the 2018 poisoning of Sergei Skripal next to my grandma’s home. The military/MI6

Besides the striking story, what really stood out to me was the brilliant attention to sound. It often feels like attention to sound has gone completely to pieces in the world of television and cinema these days. The phenomena of wherein 40% of people1 permanently enable subtitles when available isn’t because we’re all losing our hearing, it’s because the sound stage is often rammed full of distracting