April 8, 2023 11.51pm

Partial rewrite, significant changes to major subsystems.

Overhaul backlink extraction in order to drop BeautifulSoup as a dependency, (See ✅ SEP 16: Extract backlinks from plaintext). New system works on the plaintext documents directly which offers greater flexibility, consistency, as well as being lighter and faster.

Add collision checking (✅ SEP 14: UUID collision checking) amongst UUIDs, necessary for several reasons including effects on SEPs 12 and 16.

Add insert_substitutes(): function for all pre-processing of plaintext prior to HTML conversion. The major component within is currently the implementation of internal UUID referencing.

Overhaul build_html() function into a new, leaner, simpler generate_html() function made possible by the changes above.

Secondary benefit: 30% faster builds