I struggle with computers. I don’t struggle with them in the sense that they don’t make sense to me, rather they feel all too natural, or maybe not exactly natural but very very interesting. For as long as I’ve known about computers they have appealed to me, for lots of reasons, but perhaps most of all because I love order. Computers are ordered. Sure, disorder can be imposed on them or perpetuated with them, they’re not perfect, after all they’re just meticulously refined rocks that we’ve some how filled with lightning and tricked into doing maths, but they facilitate a purity of order that can’t be touched by any other medium. Any other medium. Computers are a medium, and that I think is where I’ve gotten lost. My relationship with computers has morphed into computing as the goal. Computers are the medium, and as a medium they exist only to help me discover and express. A means, not an end.