What should the structure of this site achieve?

Chiefly, it should allow me to group rather than filter. I don’t want to filter out my rubbish, it has a home in my nonsense; I don’t wish to fret over whether someone doesn’t care for links to other places, they’re all in my pearls and that guy doesn’t need to look at them; likewise, people who aren’t interested in travel need not delve into my journeys, but I can still write them.

There should be a place on this site for everything I might wish for it to contain. That isn’t to say that everyone who pays a visit should have to wade through all those streams. Like any good resource it should be composable, discoverable, adaptable to the desires of each reader.

I make use of distinct streams for me and for you. They give me permission, freedom. They give you choice.

Eventually the contents of this site should become unknowable, even to me. Not by being obtuse but by being vast, prolific. This site should permit and indulge that desire. It should have folds, so that the stale can sink and the salient can surface. The parts of this body should migrate in and out of these folds with the seasons.