journal chafes a bit. I’m happy with chronology, I want that. Still journal feels a little rigid, impersonal. Ironic, because of course it is very personal.

But it seems so obvious, and I like that, interfaces should be obvious, reasonable, discoverable. So why don’t I like ‘journal’? Why don’t I like obvious here? I think because it isn’t obvious to me what the relationship is. Where does it fit? There’s indirection involved, some amount of shearing exists between my real, private journal and the one I publish here.

nonsense has no indirection, no shearing. It is unabashedly low signal, high noise. It’s purpose is obvious to me: close noisy loops, record them, but get them out of my head.

I want that clarity for my journal here. Maybe I can’t have it, maybe that tension is inherent to the pretence of public fragments of a private whole. Need to look for prior art

No resolution here, just preserving some more of my taxonomical self-torment.